Fangs Out

Them Crooked Vultures are probably the biggest rock superband of 2009 and singles like the cantankerous and swaggering ‘New Fang’ explain exactly why in three minutes of brash, hot rock. Josh Homme’s vocals are as individual, cocky and vervacious as ever, and coupled by some hot guitar and percussion from Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones, the tune is gritty and full of the slick ballsy taste that flavours all of Josh Homme’s work.

The only problem with this, and a lot of Them Crooked Vultures’ other work, is that they seem to have forgotten that even superbands have something to prove and all songs live and die on how memorable they are. ‘New Fang’ has a catchy chorus, but it seems to ramble on with squealing guitars and an onslaught on mostly unintelligible vocals. A little more focus on substance above style would probably do these rock behemoths some good.