Get ready to rock

From the moment you hear the first beat of the drum it's clear that Where's Billy? are a band that likes to rock and rock they do. Every song brings storming riffs, heavy beats and lyrics that beg you to sing along and sing loud.

'Anxiety' is the stand out song on this EP and it's ripe and ready for air play. Solid stomping beats support wailing guitar solos, melodic lyrics rise to emotion filled screams and all are brought together into what can only be described as a solid hard rock song that needs to be experienced by all.

In contrast 'Escape From The Darkest Mind', with it's quieter verses, is a slightly more soothing song. It leaves you in no doubt as to who's song it is though, bringing through Where's Billy?'s talent and style, once again full of killer riffs and pounding bass beats.

'Thoughts And Fears' is your traditional angry rock song. With a faint growl added to his melodic voice, singer Darren conveys hard rocking aggression while behind him the guitars scream through the riffs and wind through the melodies.

All in all Where's Billy? are a band for all hard rock fans. Theirs is music that invites you to rock along and it's an invitation that can't be ignored.