You Me At Six - Hold Me Down

You Me At Six took on the task of the difficult second album and from all reports went through some extremely tough times in the process, but it's paid off. This is an album that screams passion and that passion is what makes their music amazing.

Without diverging too much from the underlying sound that they brought to the masses with their first album 'Take Off Your Colours', the band have done away with the sugary coating and return with a more mature, grittier sound. A sound that is filled with stronger, if somewhat more jaded, lyrics.

Vocalist Josh Franceschi's words are filled with anger and pain, but, backed by the blend of fast and upbeat riffs, the songs overall are still very much pop rock. Each track is filled with their trademark bouncy sound and clear vocals that grab your attention and draw you in.

Ranging from ballads such as 'There's No Such Thing As Accidental Infidelity' which shows off Franceschi's smooth and sensual voice to the riff heavy first single 'Underdog'; every track is filled with the energy we have come to expect from the Weybridge quintet.

Faintly reminiscent of the mainstream hard rock style of Nickleback, 'Liquid Confidence' absolutely nails the transitions between verse and chorus, it's a song that begs to be sung in an arena. Then there are tracks such as 'Trophy Eyes' that trade on a Lostprophets style blend of urgent beats, screaming guitars and catchy pop choruses.

Knowing when to use strings to their advantage 'Playing The Blame Game' is deeply layered and oozing with emotion. To get you pumping, 'Contagious Chemistry' brings in a super solid hard rock beat. 'Safer To Hate Her' is pure You Me At Six with Franceschi's slight whine on the vocals really standing out.

Their experiences over the past year has enhanced their natural talent, resulting in a matured sound but without losing the spark that made them popular in the first place.

'Hold Me Down' is an album filled with energy, passion and hurt. It's clear they poured everything into these songs and the result surely was worth the pain.