Young Guns - Winter Kiss

Since exploding on to the UK rock scene in 2009, fans and critics alike have been highly anticipating what would come next from Young Guns. They haven't disappointed, returning with a new single that is deeper and darker that last year's EP 'Mirrors'.

'Winter Kiss' explodes into life, Gustav Wood's vocals immediately striking you and leading you through a journey of words and sounds that trigger those feelings of fear and doubt that dwell in most of us.

It shows the High Wycombe quintets drive to grow creatively and their talent and passion can't be denied. The full length version is included with the single and provides a haunting, string lead introduction that sets your emotions tingling in anticipation.

'Winter Kiss' is layer upon layer of sound all blending into a near perfect song that is filled with a flowing melody and energetic riffs. This is a song that gets inside your skin and makes you feel.