Perfectly Fine Intellectual

The road has been a long one for Redtrack but national notoriety may finally be theirs after winning the Hollyoaks Music Show competition. First things first; their next single, ‘Perfectly Fine Intellectual’, must turn heads.

Ears are pricked quickly as the Essex band play with a generous vigour with every catchy, well defined riff leading to comparisons to The Libertines and The Courteeners. Bizarrely the acoustic interludes play havoc with the track’s vivacity yet showcase an interesting, exposed side to the macho exterior of tight t-shirts and drainpipe jeans. Production values give the impression of front row at a typically raucous gig; only lead singer Billy Wright is standing right next you with his sweet-tinged, quickfire vocals hogging the foreground.

Whilst hardly serene, 'Imogen' is far more straightforward with prominent basslines and scratchy, sporadic guitar edging merited comparisons to The Police. Even the lyrics of lambasting a particularly frivolous female suggest more than a passing resemblance to ‘Roxanne’ but then there is little wrong with taking inspiration from the right places.