A Fire That Burns Bright

Whether it is those lightening quick synapses in your brain box relating the sound to some other song or perhaps something else you have found particularly pleasing in the past, sometimes just hearing the first few chords of a song can give you an immediate and inexplicable feeling of deep contentedness. Ladies and gentleman, this is the power of Above Them.

Above Them have a wondrous habit of creating these big, raucous sounding songs which really punch you in the gut with their sense of triumph. As their music swirls through your ears and sparks off the connections in your brain, it also surges down to the pit of your belly where it builds a roaring fire where you really feel the impassioned drive behind their music.

‘Keep Smiling’ is another assured and accomplished effort from this West Yorkshire trio and again underlines the fact that Britain does in fact have a veritable hotbed of musical talent and at the top of them all are bands like Above Them. Earnest, hard working and creating music which is truly worthwhile, they and this song are quite simply brilliant.