A Moving Album

Mr Fogg (no a.ka. included) is one of the most incredible musicians on the scene at the minute for his ability to blend together sounds like no one else. He takes elements that are not usually able to work alongside each other like strings and electronica and create something remarkable.

‘Moving Parts’ is his debut album and includes some very inspirational music. The collision of beautiful sounds with deeply personal messages is unable to be pigeonholed into one category for the vast array of different elements, settings and emotions; this man is a songwriter, vocalist and producer and a multi-instrumentalist since childhood. Many songs are electronica fuelled with uplifting choruses, some a tad darker like ‘Stung’, but it is the combination of sounds that really stand out. ‘A Second Look’ explores strings of different shapes and sizes with the drums keeping beat and an illuminating voice. The title track has chimes and keys with a slight electronic tap blending really well; the upbeat conclusion was a good decision. ‘Step into The Page’ is uplifting and meaningful yet is not very upbeat. Then there is ‘Secivo’, Mr Fogg’s attempt to combine rock within his styles, creating a similar sound to that of Metro Station, upbeat and enjoyable.

There are some wonderful harmonies as well as the dominant male voice, which is able to adapt to the meaning behind each song so well. ‘Quicksand’ is sadder, yet still relatively buoyant melodies. Although the melody is electronically driven and consistent on ‘I Will Let You Down’, the vocals are more meaningful. There is such an array of emotions put across through the music, lyrics and vocals including anger, aggravation, frustration and optimism to name but a few. This is the perfect album for every mood and one that will really have you gasping at what wonders one man can achieve.

You do not have to be a lover of electronica to sit back and enjoy the sounds of Mr Fogg, just have an appreciation for talent.