A Class Act

I read recently on the BBC website that my beloved Rock/Metal music has overtaken the mind numbingly, piss-poor genre of RnB (thank fuck for that!) Unfortunately this is probably due to those bastards on Glee covering songs by Journey, Kiss, Heart etc etc . What Im getting at, is that WE ARE BACK! All forms of rock/metal are in the ascendancy, none more than the 80’s melodic/classic rock sound. Thankfully apart from the decent attempts the ‘old school’ are making (Ratt/Stryper/Van Halen/Cinderella etc), we have a new-ish kid on the block that could teach some of these 80’s sounding bands a lesson or three. Far from being saccharin coated, this is good harder edged Rawk!

Jettblack are made up of Matt Stapleton (Vocals /guitar), John Dow (Vocals /guitar), Matt Oliver (Drums), and Tom Wright (Bass). This talented bunch have already landed support slots with Airbourne and Whitesnake, and their rapidly expanding growth as a band has seen them play Download, Hard Rock Hell, T in the Park, etc. As I bear witness to this CD I am 100% certain that Jettblack have what it takes to become HUGE. They have all the hallmarks of making it big - razor sharp killer riffs, a big sound, and even bigger choruses and have learnt a trick or two from their time on the road with Whitesnake and Airbourne. Thankfully being 80’s influenced means that Jettblack write songs in the style of some of the great politically incorrect masters like Coverdale / Motley Crue / AC/DC - If its subtlety and tales morality you are after, then you are in the wrong place motherfucker. Songs such as ‘Slip It On’, and ‘When It Comes To Lovin’ definitely need no explanation of Jettblack’s casual and sleazy intentions! Say No More!!

Right from the off, Jet-black’s ’cock rock’ inimitable style pummels you into submission, ’Slip It On’ a rousing anthem and no-doubt future single, ’Two Hot Girls’ . Yes its lyrics clichéd, and a bit predictable in parts, but Steel Panther it aint. Its straight 80s Coverdale/DC/Ratt, good time, girl lovin’, party on rock, dating to a time when rock lyrics were from a more innocent period. Best of all - Jettblack can PLAY with the best of them. Other highlights include the mighty ballad ‘Not even Love’, the much improved on the acoustic version ‘Mother Fucker’, ending proceedings with the mighty ‘Innocence Is Mine’ a ‘saving the best for last' moment.

If your hey-day was in the 80s like mine, then Jettblack are gonna rock your world. I hope they attain the same popularity curve as Airbourne have experienced over the last couple of years as these guys deserve it in spades.

Get in your DeLorean, get down to Woolies or Tower Records and play at 11 ( in your bleached white denims and leg warmers). They are paired with stablemates ‘Reckless Love’ for a UK tour this Autumn. Based on having the honour of reviewing both albums, Jettblack’s is the superior of the two bands, AND of most of the stuff you’re likely to hear this year. Essential ‘classic’ sounding rock music with all the bells and whistles to make these fellas huge

The future’s bright, its JETTBLACK