Young Guns Crystal Clear

Young Guns seem to be progressing well in rock circles, having already toured with the likes of Lostprophets, Taking Back Sunday and The Used. Young Guns are set to release the follow up to their EP, "Mirrors" this month with "All Our Kings Are Dead" and have released their second single 'Crystal Clear'.

Although the band may have matured they have definately not lost their original alternative sound, combining John and Fraser Taylor's guitar hooks and downbeats with Gustav Wood's (vocal) melodies. Although the lyrics start out simplistically, it's not long until Wood develops a full poetic and meaningful anthem with choruses that are present to the very bone of this song. If there's one emotion and feeling present in Crystal Clear, it's the feeling of anger, just presented in a slightly more poppy way.

The lyrics and possibly the whole of "All Our Kings Are Dead" are Wood's way of being more open about his opinions and views of not growing up with a father figure. "lives will change so why won't you?" and chorus "nothing's going to stand in my way" are honestly penned, but lyrics that could have any of the crowds at their festival appearances this year (Reading and Leeds Festival, Guilfest, Hevy Festival) singing along and clinging to every little word coming out of Wood and co's mouths. The layered guitars, fast paced drumming and thick bass line give the song alot of depth, a kind of depth which is hard to find in their previous work. Young Guns are continuing to grow and develop from the unsigned embryo into the adolescence of a band made of perfectionists determined to make evey head turn in their direction.If you have not heard of Young Guns so far this year now would be a good time.