Warm melodic rock

Helsinki Seven's warm melodic rock tunes are always a pleasure to listen to and this EP is no exception; all the tracks here have a punk edge (bringing to mind bands like Fugazi, Sparta, Million Dead and Jetplane Landing), big anthemic choruses and catchy melodies are the order of the day and they deliver nicely.

It seems they've moved forward from their last album, less jagged and more melodic but still with nice fuzz on the guitars and a raw feel, the tunes on this new release are more memorable and catchy if that's possible and really make you want to get up and bounce around. 'Via Salarium' kicks in with a cracking riff and melody, immediately making an impact, 'Pull The Ripcord' is punchy and has a great chorus, those husky vocals really make you think of Fugazi which is never a bad thing.

All the way through you get chunky, warm riffs and tunes you can rock out to; check out excellent tracks 'In The Company Of Wolves' and 'Touch Pause Engage' (arguably the best tracks on the EP) to get a feel for their sound, and get on board.