After a lot of hard work...here it is!

Since forming back in late 2006, Redtrack has been building a firm fan base, playing as many gigs as possible, in as many cities they could while also blowing other bands out of the water to win the Hollyoaks Unsigned Music Show back in December 2009.

'Whole Town's Heart' is the debut album from the Southend-on-Sea quartet. It opens with the title track, a radiant demonstration of modern British indie rock, with an underlying punk spin and goes on to provide some fairly upbeat songs, nothing too ear piercing or mind baffling but just buoyant enough to make a positive impact. Listen out for 'The Trier' as it incorporates something a little different to the other nine tracks.

In the latter half of the album the harmonies really begin to make their presence known from backing chants to hums and overlapping lyrics. This really builds the atmosphere of the song and strengthens it as a whole, as well as supplies some catchy little hooks listeners can grasp onto.

The acoustic 'Memory Card' is gently inserted mid way through the album, breaking up the upbeat nature of the other nine tracks to focus much more on the vocals of the songs. On this track in particular the harmonies show their full glory, their manner of intertwining with each other and blending incredibly well. Being much slower and tender more attention can also be paid to the lyrics. In much the same way the acoustic number interpreted the release with something slower, the album goes out on a blast with the rougher 'Pretty Boy'.

With Billy Wright on lead vocals and guitar, Phil Blake on bass, Mitch Silvey on guitar and Andrew Perry on drums, this is one of those albums you could imagine being a hoot to play and view live and hopefully the opportunity to arise soon. 'Whole Town's Heart' goes to prove that Britain does in fact have talent and it lies within the name Redtrack.