It's Jimmy

Jimmy Eat World look set to easily conquer all our hearts again on this new album (their seventh full length) full of anthemic pop songs with a core of chunky riffs. There is a comfortable feeling to his record; Jimmy aren't really stretching themselves but that's probably not what you'd want from them anyway, what you want is solid, catchy, poppy, emotional tunes and this album really delivers that in spades.

Overall this is a well rounded and confident record; probably the opener 'Heart Is Hard To Find' and the follow up tune 'My Best Theory' which is a classic sounding J.E.W. rock number (with a great sing along chorus) will stick in your head straight away but because this is a very cohesive record, not many of the tracks really stand out immediately. The album plays well as a whole and is great to listen to in one sitting; once you get into repeated listens though you soon begin to chose favourites and learn those anthemic choruses by heart and by the beginning of your third spin they'll already feel like old friends.

"Invented" could easily spawn a raft of singles because this is Jimmy doing what they do best, turning out track after track of addictive, instantly likeable pop-rock songs and from the more rocky numbers like 'Action Needs An Audience' and 'Coffee and Cigarettes' with their vocal backing ooh's and aah's and fuzzy but crisp riffs to the soaring and epic 'Littlething'and 'Movielike' to the slow and soft numbers like 'Stop' or 'Invented' you'll be hooked through and through. This is a great album; instantly likeable but also a grower, getting more enjoyable with every listen.