A glorious apparition!

Burton boys Max raptor burst onto my radar on a rain soaked Sunday afternoon at Download festival, where they produced one of the sets of the weekend!

'Ghosts' is the follow up to the anthemic 'Great and the Good' and it doesn't disappoint. Upbeat and riff laden is what Max Raptor do best and they layer it on with a trowel here. Clean yet urgent vocals compliment a really driven tune that can't fail to get your foot tapping at the very least. They've already supported the likes of Billy Talent and The Stranglers and they come from the same vein as both of them, full of energy but with melody and riffs dominating every song. After a couple of plays 'Ghosts' is the kind of tune that has already embedded itself in your brain and you'll be singing it to yourself for the rest of the day!

Remember the buzz when Nine Black Alps first appeared? Song after song of just great riffs and hooks? Max Raptor have the same feel about them and when they get round to putting an album out we'll lay good money on it being all killer!