Strong guitars make the track

Upbeat, flowing and ready for radio, Intraverse's alternative rock single 'Please Don't Share Your Kisses' grabs you from the opening riff and demands your attention through to the end.

Singer Max Pepe has one of those voices that is equally smoothly pleasant and angrily confronting, switching up the melody to meet the needs of the lyrics.

The vocals are strong and catchy, but it's the guitars from Andy Vickery that really stand out - super solid riffs, intricate harmonies and hooky as hell; they sit behind the vocal melodies, hovering at the edge of your perception and adding an extra, unexpected dynamic to this track.

It's a tune that starts with a sing along verse, then, as it grows, has you tapping along until you're eventually moshing out; it's impossible to sit still as that beat intensifies!

B-side 'Lay Your Cards', originally released as a free download, is a chunky poppy rock song, radio friendly with one of those melodies that just sticks in your head. It's a great accompaniment to 'Please Don't Share Your Kisses' and the two tracks show Intraverse is getting ready to rock the charts.