The Boxer Rebellion's internet single

With their latest single, Boxer Rebellion offer the listener a single 3 minute track as a brief taster of their forthcoming album 'Exits.' This is one of the many songs being tested as a 'download only' track, encouraging Internet nerds to buy into the track rather than rip the song and put it on a web ring.

Being 3 minutes and 3 seconds long and a single solely released for promotional reasons, it would be expected for this song to blow the listener away leaving them dying to buy the album. In fact this single is quite the opposite, beginning with a tom roll and some trendy effects slapped on to the guitar parts. It is clear that this song wouldn't be anything uplifting or exciting after the first 20 seconds of it. The vocalist whines the same unintelligent lyrics contagiously, severely lacking in thought. After the song repeats itself three times with some additional bridges randomly placed in the song, you would expect the band to kick into a killer chorus but sadly your left in disappointment as the song finishes and nobody likes disappointment.