We Are The Ocean-Go Now And Live

Hurtling out of obscurity back in 2008 with their incendiary debut self-titled EP, post-hardcore youngsters We Are the Ocean made a chasm upon impact with their wonderful use of dual vocals and huge hard-hitting post-hardcore anthems. However, their debut proper that followed a year and a half later had a disappointingly underwhelming feel to it with the laboured feel of its ten songs contrasting strikingly with the undeniable excitement of their EP. Fortunately and admirably the band continued to work hard on the live circuit and finished 2010 by heading into the studio to record their sophomore effort. The result is what should have happened the first time around, an absolutely brilliant album comprised of ten arrow through the heart anthems.

The vocal howl that vocalist/guitarist Liam Cromby unleashes in opener 'Trouble Is Temporary, Time Is Tonic' heralds in the album like a battle cry, grabbing any listener by the scruff of the neck and demanding attention, it's totally unexpected and totally brilliant. The album simply does not relent from then on, singles 'What It Feels Like' and 'The Waiting Room' use Cromby and vocalist Dan Brown's dual-vocal attack, now much more than a clean/scream alternation, to goosebump-raising effect, 'Runaway' is a tender and uplifting story of dealing with parental divorce and the chorus in 'Trials and Tribulations' is an irrepressible shout of self-determination in the face of life's harsher nature. The band are a proper unit and every song sounds tight and relevant, there are no parts that don't belong, whether they be the driving, irresistible chorus of 'Follow What You Need' or the melancholic introspection of 'Now And Then'. Peter Miles' production sounds incredible too, similar to his other recent work such as The King Blues' wonderful 'Punk and Poetry', with every nuance and emotion being genuinely felt and never lost in the mix.

The cover of this album resembles a bird, perhaps a hawk, soaring through the air unhindered. This image represents the feel and message of the record perfectly. Closer 'Before I Die' implores us to 'take the time to enjoy all the moments, to live your life before it's all over' and it's this that makes the album so great, it's a celebration of life and how to find positivity in its harder times. As a result, it's a true joy to listen to.