Days Of Worth ......A Fantastic Debut

Oh hell, it is time to talk about an obsession, well it didn't start out as an obsession, but I can't help it. I first saw this band playing in a Visible Noise Showcase in Manchester in September of last year. They were a new band on the label, and were about to embark on a tour of the UK. They were doing all the right things, touring, making great music and giving a show that was packed full of energy.

I have had the copy of the album since being sent it in early March to review their debut single, Take Me Through. For nearly a month I have been allowed to be a privileged obsessive, listening to the album daily. But on April 4th you too can share in my obsession, and see why Days Of Worth are tipped for the top, and not just by me.

This album is rather how I like my Jack Daniels and Coke, two parts JD one part coke, one hell of a hard edge and something to soften it a little. This is a hard rock and roll edge, with a delicate edge. The great thing about this album is that it isn't predictable.

The album is a journey of guitar driven rock and roll, with powerful vocals, nothing wishy washy on this album. This is one hell of an impressive debut on the scene, worth every penny and well worth getting those air guitars out too. The Band has a wide range of influences, which is no bad thing, it will help them develop further and create a sound and music of their own.

With American labels sniffing around them already, get ready to snap this album up, see them live and love them before the yanks steal them away from us! Yesterday Surry, today the UK and tomorrow the world, the only place Days of Worth are going is up! This is an impressive debut, it head butts you and kicks you in the nuts, but it is like a drug you want it all the more.