The Zombies Breathe Out, Breathe In

Unbelievably, The Zombie were formed way, way back in 1961 with Rod Argent on piano and Colin Blunstone on vocals. In the mid to late '60s, they has success with songs such as 'She's Not There', 'Tell Her No' and 'Time Of The Season'. By the time their album "Odessey and Oracle" was released in 1968, they had disbanded. After various solo projects and Blunstone's brief attempt to reunite The Zombies, it wasn't until 2001 that Blunstone and Argent reunited for the album 'Out Of The Darkness' and a subsequent tour. In 2004, they started to tour as 'The Zombies', the new lineup including Rod's cousin Jim Rodford (formerly of The Kinks and Argent), his son Steve Rodford on drums, and Keith Airey (brother of Don Airey) on guitar.

"Breath Out, Breathe In" hits you from the opening title track with a clear and refreshing sound. Reminiscent of Steely Dan tinged with a touch of the Beach Boys, the '60s psych pop undercurrent is evident and the musicality and composition are immaculate; a great, catchy tune and inevitable single. Though unlike the very early, brooding Zombies' songs, this song (and the rest of the album) is more uplifting and the more modern sound and composition simply oozes class.

Throughout, Argent is consistently good, often tinkling when least expected just to let you know he's one of those in the driving seat. Blunstone's voice is as clear as it ever was as he effortlessly delivers melody after layered melody to the highest standard. This isn't an album that reinvents the Zombies of the '60s, it's an album of today by some very good exponents of the music trade who just happen to have their roots firmly planted in that history.

The occasional prog rock diversion is complemented by an almost tongue in cheek approach, though always returning to normality. Surprises are few and the songs are consistent; a 'nice' album, though definitely not twee.

The Zombies are a hard working, touring band and have managed to find the time to record a very decent album; long may they continue.