Classically Refreshing

Eighteen Vision's latest offering "I Let Go" boasts the production of metal wizard Mudrock who produced that little known band Godsmack, and a refreshingly new direction from a consistently strong sound will leave metalcore fans with a big grin on their face.

Eighteen Visions have made the uncommon decision of favouring innovation over technicality, and pull it off in an exciting manner. Whilst there's no mind-bending genre defying solos here, or drum solos that last a good four hours, there is something that a large amount of metalcore lacks - an element that makes the band worth listening to. Eighteen Visions have spotted that nobody wants to hear people scream without something else being offered to the listener - in this case it's solid guitar work to make the song catchy. Don't get me wrong- Eighteen Visions haven't let go of their roots, they have simply modified their sound to make it better to the listener, and surely that is the perfect progression for music.

"I Let Go" features five guys who know their musical history, their musical ability and the guts to try changing something for once. Don't worry though, even the oldest metalcore fans will realise this is worth nodding along to.