D.R.U.G.S. - Sex Life

The single 'Sex Life' is is taken from the self titled D.R.U.G.S debut album and is the latest project by ex Chiodos frontman Craig Owens. Joining Owens are Nick Martin (guitar/vocals), Aaron Stern (drums), Matt Good (guitar/vocals) and Adam Russell (bass).

The confident swagger of D.R.U.G.S is apparent from the off. The lyrics of Owens are uncompromising and his unmistakeable voice fits effortlessly with the heavy beat, hard riffing guitars and crashing drums. There are oozes of power and energy and a dark undertone to the heavy, thunderous chords. The chorus is very catchy and the changes in tempo add to the overall pleasure of the song.

Produced by John Feldman (Panic At The Disco and The Used), the song shows flashes of inspired arrangement and the delivery of the melodies, riffs and lyrics is seamless. The most catchy and memorable song from their album, this just had to be released as a single.