Intraverse - Grant Me Permission

Last December rocking Tunbridge Wells five-piece Intraverse achieved a top 5 hit in the iTunes Rock Chart with their debut single 'Please Don't Share Your Kisses'. This summer they made their debut at the world's leading rock event, Download Festival. After such an incredible summer already, they top it off with their second single 'Grant Me Permission', which will be released July 18th.

The bands debut alternative rock single was a passionate guitar strung number and its follow up single is just as passionate, slightly slicker with edgy guitar strides. It captures your attention from the moment it begins and doesn't lose your focus. There is some impressive melody making and the vocals make it much more enduring. Intraverse front man Max Pepe has a voice you can simply fall into and ignore the world surrounding you. His vocals are strong, catchy and quite mesmerising to hear.

Their debut was a hit and this follow up looks set to follow in its predecessor's footsteps. Here's looking forward to an album.