A re-release with a bonus

Since exploding on to the UK rock scene back in 2009, Buckinghamshire quintet Young Guns appear to be growing and developing a sound that suits them perfectly. This was first heard through their Ep "Mirrors" and later their debut album "All Our Kings Are Dead", which was released just over a year ago through their own Live Forever label. After releasing such a tremendous batch of tracks, music admirers were wondering what was next in store for these young musicians. After spending the better part of last year touring and preparing to record their second album, the lads have decided to re-release their debut, re-packaged and with an additional DVD.

The tracks themselves are what we came to first love about Young Guns. The youthfulness and energy that surrounds the band is spine tingling. The tracks pulsate with energy and eagerness. Guitars are sharp and intertwine with the crashing drums, adrenaline charged vocals from Gustav Wood and chanting harmonies to make some demanding songs. Even those a little mellower remain powerful, cohesive and breathtaking. The lad's strength and forcefulness demands attention and you cannot help but give it you undivided consideration. The choruses in particular are authoritative, loud and united not only musically but also vocally with some excellent harmonies. These twelve songs are so well thought out, crafted and recorded they make any listener want to catch the guys performing live on a big stage to an even bigger crowd.

The bonus DVD is something special. It features a 'Don't Look Back, Just Keep Moving' documentary, three stripped down sessions tracks from The Red Bull Studios and three live videos from The Electric Ballroom in London and five promo videos for the tracks Winter Kiss, Sons Of Apathy, Crystal Clear, Weight Of The World and Stitches. This gives anyone mesmerised by the CD tracks the opportunity to get to know the lads behind the band, as well as see them perform songs both acoustically as well as in the manor they were recorded, powerfully and full of rock!

Young Guns is continuing to grow and developing a sound they can call their own. These guys have already captured the airwaves, as well as the minds of many music admirers. However, if you are yet to be catapulted into the world of Young Guns, it won't be long before it hunts you down and fires upon your ears. Having already toured with the likes of Lostprophets, Taking Back Sunday and The Used, Young Guns head out in September 2011 on their own headline tour.