The Feeling ft. Sophie Ellis Bextor

Taken from the band's third album, "Together We Were Made", the new single from The Feeling, 'Leave Me Out Of It', is not some of their best work to date.

Knowing that the track features the unique vocals of Sophie Ellis-Bextor, you may expect something a little more upbeat, a little more melodious and certainly livelier as this is where her voice is really able to explode and make a glorious impact. This track however is rather placid, a little dreary and has nothing that particularly stands out. The first half of the track is quiet, with a distant drumming and some electronics making their presence felt as the track proceeds. The vocals of Sophie Ellis-Bextor are also a gradual introduction rather than the main focus of the tune. By the second half and concluding segment, the tune has made no real impact, and the repetition of 'You don't know what love is until you've had mine' hasn't made any real benefits for the track. The only real element that will cause even the most remote of feelings is the small demonstration of harmonising, although this lasts only seconds.

The Feeling and Sophie Ellis-Bextor have both created far better tracks than 'Leave Me Out Of It'.