Eject Pilot Eject-Eject Pilot Eject Album Sampler

Eject Pilot Eject are a brand new face on the South Wales rock scene playing perky pop-rock songs with drummer Sarah Owen taking on vocal duties. With nods towards bands like Garbage and even occasional elements of Dinosaur Jr, this four-track album sampler gives a nice introduction to the trio's sound and hints at what could come next on their subsequent full-length.

'Here's To You' is a high-powered rock tune complete with impassioned vocals and driving guitars while 'Last Request' jabs in an awkward indie-rock way, Owen Lewis' occasional guitar solos rearing their head out of nowhere and taking the tracks up a notch. The four tracks comprised are solid and feel as if their creators are genuinely feeling the music they're creating with each song tight and well-structured. Admittedly there's nothing here that stands out as anything new and the tracks are pleasant if nothing astonishing but with this being the band's first release there's plenty of time and room for improvement and while the songs may not be massively impressive, the performances are and this bodes well.

With the burgeoning scene coming out of South Wales for the last decade, Eject Pilot Eject are in a wonderful environment to hone their craft and hit the touring circuit hard, if they continue to work hard like this they could be onto something. For now this is a credible short collection of songs that should satisfy anyone who's a fan of modern day indie-rock, it's the next challenge for the band to break out of this field and do things that will begin to get the attention of those not normally interested in the genre. With the forthcoming album just around the corner then, song structures such as those found in the likes of 'Searchlights' and 'Drive' could become rather interesting propositions, time shall tell. In the meantime, this is a decent showing that's nice but not remarkable on the ears, check back when the new album drops and we could have something rather good in our hands.