Prepare to be torn apart

Punk rock quartet Max Raptor has enjoyed quite an impressive rise to prominence over the past year and this is certainly not just because they have an awesome band name. Having already supported the likes of Billy Talent and The Darkness, the Midlands foursome is well on the way to tearing apart the British punk rock scene with their crunchy riffs and raucous vocals.

'The King is Dead' opens to the sound of Wil Ray's gory bass line stomping into action, with guitarist JB Willcox soon entering to reinforce Max Raptor's furious assault. The pre-chorus vocal harmonies work superbly, yet on the whole, the song seems to be limited by a degree of linearity and the Midlanders could learn a thing or two from Billy Talent's early discography. Max Raptor's single takes a great amount of strength from the tasty riff that it relentlessly utilizes, but there is the sense that an underlying potential in the band's sound has yet to be uncovered.