Waiting To Explode

Already having made a name for themselves with last year's EP release, "Badchild", Yorkshire four piece Volcanoes aren't willing to let things simmer and cool as they follow up quickly with their mini album, "Vexihomp". With six tracks coming in at just under 19 minutes, "Vexihomp" gives us a little more insight into what makes the Yorkshire lads tick, from their catchy jangly indie beats to their quirky and often heartfelt lyrics, this is indie with substance, something to think about as you let your dancing feet do the talking.

Kicking off with the hook laden 'The Pageant', Volcanoes immediately lay siege to the indie disco. A rush of infectious beats, and vocal harmonies that swirl and tempt with delight, 'The Pageant' manages to be laid back and yet unapologetically catchy, a track that subtly bleeds into your consciousness until feet are tapping and your humming along at the very least. Likewise 'Triceratops' is quick to usher in the jingle of guitars to entice, an rippling undercurrent that will pull you under in full indie glory as hints of Artic Monkeys mix with a bass laden rush of The Coral, a strange combination that works well for the Yorkshire group whilst title track 'Vexihomp' throws in some playful Kasier Chiefesque jaunts to proceedings to liven things up. In the end though it is 'Little Feet' which truly stands out. Written by front man Samson Bedford for his wife following their struggle with infertility, 'Little Feet' oozes uncompromised, heart on sleeve honesty that will not fail to tug at the heart strings. Perhaps one of the only songs ever written about the subject, 'Little Feet' shows the tenderness of Volcanoes whilst still retaining that toe tapping contagiousness that somehow still screams with an indie feel good vibe.

Having formed six years ago, Volcanoes are a band that are in it for the long slog and with "Vexihomp" they have created an album that excites with layer upon layer of vocal harmonies, that entices with jam packed musical hooks to capture all and which sparkles with wit fuelled lyrics drenched in honest emotion and true life sentiment and whilst Volcanoes aren't breaking new musical ground with their blend of indie rock, they are making music which is bursting with enthusiasm and ideas, music which will excite and which many bands signed to labels can only dream of ever making. Volcanoes may be unsigned right now, but surely it will only be a matter of time before they show those on major labels how things are done.