Epic post-rock loveliness

We have been hoping to get our hands on some more epic post-rock loveliness from four piece Killington Fall since we reviewed their debut EP "At The Soundless Dawn" back in 2010 giving it 12/13 . The band's new EP "Keep Your Eyes To The Sea" doesn't disappoint; delivering perfectly on the promise of that first record.

From the disarming and dreamy opening strains of 'Ghost Rockets' which then builds to an ear shattering climax, to the effective (and sparing) use of vocals on the opening moments of 'Two Surrendered Flags' and then ending on the fantastically hooky finale 'Eventide, The Dark' with it's skin tingling riffs and layers, it is everything we hoped it would be.

What Killington Fall manages to inject into their emotional epics that makes them stand out from the post-rock crowd is a combination of monster riffs with sparking melodic sections. It's not just about the slow build to a dramatic climax, they mix things up instead of sticking to the generic formula one would expect; each track is layered with so many memorable moments you can't help but be swept up in it all. Here's hoping for a full length record soon.