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Dubbed as a 'rock n roll' band, The Winnebago Deal is tampering more with Old School Hardcore punk more than anything else. 'Did it, Done it, Doing it again' is your typical sore throat sing along in the company of a stiff drum beat and a driving guitar sound- something that is highly important in a two piece band.

Originating from Oxford, the band sound quite familiar reminding me of Kung Fu Record's recent signing, The Righteous Jams although this single track alone kills any tracks the Righteous Jams have made. Regardless to this, if there is to be a sudden uprising of old school hardcore bands, the music needs to be a lot of more appealing and exciting. Nonetheless, this single track is a good representation of their album 'Dead Gone' and would make any hardcore fan cum in their pants whilst running down to their local record store demanding a copy.