Now on repeat

Johnny Foreigner's new, third album has been a difficult project for the band. Two years in the making and stripped of big name producers and contracts they've gone back to basics; just them and their great tunes and the result? Thankfully, they haven't lost anything in translation, in fact this record seems to hold the essence of the band; their fantastic live sound has been captured here with all those dramatic dynamic changes really coming to life, sweet, gentle melodic starts leading to huge noisy blasts of guitar noise that lift you up.

It's one of those records you make friends with very quickly and then can't stop listening to; it brings feelings of nostalgia even on the first listen, tunes so catchy and comfortable you sink in to their hooky charms but also it holds you hostage emotionally with the dreamy yet down to earth longing of the lyrics, perhaps more about getting away from things than focussed on the mundane aspects of UK life, but no less heartfelt and tunes like 'Hulk Hoegaarden, Gin Kinsella, David Duvodkany, Etc' with it's opening of "Won't you take me back to Texas" is obviously full of emotionally charged memories for the band and so really impactive for the listener.

As always with Johnny Foreigner the girl/boy duel vocal harmonies inject a brilliant sing long quality into every track and tracks like 'New Street, You Can Take It' build and soar beautifully, carrying you along for the ride. There is sometimes a fragile quality to this record, despite the blasts of loud between the quiet, those cracked vocals, sweet melodies and vocals full of loss and wishes for things now gone tug at you almost painfully.