The Uk's best loved Dance group are back!

Faithless are the type of band everyone loves to hate. Rockers say that they’re too dance. Dance fans simply worship them. However, most people, regardless of their musical preference, have found themselves singing along to one their catchy singles at some point in their life.

‘I Want More’ is another slab of sing-a-long dance goodness, bursting at the seams with infectious cheerfulness that will spread faster than bad weather across the UK. It’s a racing, pulsing track that promises to have acid house fans leaping around in their element. The saving grace of this song is the beautiful sample from everyone’s favourite singer, Nina Simone. If this wasn’t in place, I might just have banged my head on my desk for the duration of the song.

Sounding almost like the number one from a few summers ago, "The Launch", ‘I Want More’ sounds much like the creation of a mad Dance fanatic, collecting elements from all the most popular groups, hacking it apart and stitching it up to become a totally new single. Since this track is likely to be heard over all major radio stations in the near future, wait until you’ve heard it before parting with your well-earned cash since the 6 remixes plus radio edit may well only be appropriate to die-hard fans or people with an partiality for music suitable to trip out to. [Ed - or to die to! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... I'll stop.]