The End Of Everything.

From the opening riff of 'Rise Or Die', you realise this isn't one of your melodic hardcore bands but a straight up hardcore band about as subtle as a crowbar blow to the head. Born From Pain certainly love their hardcore and sound like they have been raised on Agnostic Front and Cro-Mags.

'Judgement' barges in with a shredding guitar intro given more dimensions to this crushing hardcore. Songs like 'The New Hate' and 'Fear This World' have crushing metallic riffs and barking, down to earth vocals. In Love With The End sticks to its hardcore roots using shout-along choruses to its advantage.

Born From Pain have many parallels with US hardcore heroes Hatebreed as they both combine the hardcore vocals and structures with the bone crushing metal and tempos. You can just picture the spinkicks and circle pits in your mind immediately

As contradictory as it sounds, this is a record that sounds both polished yet somehow rough at the same time. If like your metal, you'll love this and if you love your hardcore then you'll definitely love this. Catch Born From Pain at a circle pit near you soon.