Rapturous Raptor

Just pausing for breath after an extensive UK tour with Hildamay, Max Raptor come out fighting with new single, Carolina. Always daring to be different, the Midlands four-piece continue to fuse punk riffs and gang vocals to rock n' roll sentiments via that kooky brand of indie pop we've come to love from The Futureheads camp. It's a pretty potent blend...

You can almost feel the live show energy throbbing from this record, sweat flying from the fists thrust into the air with each audience-rallying chant. There's some interesting lyrical notions in there too, marking out Max Raptor being as creative, as they are observant of the world that surrounds and absorbs them. With Carolina we discover that putting the idea of a family portrait into the hands of this lot results in a squirming, erratic performance that pulls a classically picture-perfect scene into delightful disarray. It's going to be good fun watching Max Raptor play some festivals this summer, that's for sure.