More Perfect Pop from 80's Legends.

There appears to be an influx of supposed New Order influenced bands dominating the charts at the moment. The Killers, most notably, took their name from a New Order video and it is widely publicised that the two bands are friends and often hang out together. On the other side of the fence we have The Bravery, also producing the same style of music, despised by the Killers, and publicly slated by New Order. So it makes sense for the original masters of synth pop to make a comeback.

Lets face up to the facts, New Order are never going to release another Blue Monday, but what we are offered instead is the second single from their latest studio album, Waiting for the Sirens Call.

Jetsream can only be described for what it is; great pop music. This single also features backing vocals from Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters which will no doubt help secure a top ten chart position. This is a catchy upbeat track, a great sound for the summer, which will see New Order performing a variety of live dates, including the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park next month.

Jetstream is on release from 16 May