Million Dead are still alive!

The 9th of May sees Million Dead release an exclusive 'download-only' preview track of their forthcoming album 'Harmony no Harmony'. The song competently named 'After the Rush Hour' sees Million Dead leaving their original sound to experiment with a more 'stadium-rock' sound, similar to Soundgarden and yourcodenameis;milo.

Melody is the secret word in 'After the Rush Hour', it's not exactly the most exciting of pieces but the songs length and structure gives it real character, something that makes it such a significant piece in contrast to the average brawl you hear everyday.

This track is certainly a taster of what's to come on the following album, which will be released a week after this single. The band are more than happy to dabble with unusual music styles, including a choir made of friends on some of the tracks found on 'Harmony no Harmony'. Although I wouldn't buy it purely because it's too soft for me, I could see this being a reasonable follow-up to previous release 'Living the Dream' and could maybe exceed in popularity