Split 7

This is a lovely split 7" from Australian band Arrows and Michigan husband and wife duo Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate). The former have a vocalist who has a tone reminiscent of Guy Garvey - the track itself is very decent guitar led indie rock and the central melody is really memorable. When it kicks off towards the end with some meatier riffage and a feistier vocal delivery it really strikes a chord; it's a great track and certainly makes you want to track down their previous records.

The two Empire! Empire! tunes are very sweet and dreamy. Vocally they take a spot of getting used to - very sugary at times - but on these tracks it fits really well and the excellent We Did Not Need To Open It To Know It Was There floats along on a wave of gentle, lovely guitars and sedate drums and will have you swaying along in a haze of warm fuzziness.