Proving British Rock Is Alive And Kicking

Brandishing driving, juggernaut sized riffs and ground shaking bass lines that ignite and thrill, Depth are a band whose name easily denotes their sound. This is hard hitting rock with layer upon layer to sink your teeth into all topped with vocals that don't even have to beg for your participation, after just one listen you'll be singing along at the top of your lungs.

Waiting For Waves may only be an EP but it is an ideal introduction to the British quartet. Crushing out of the starting blocks, opener All I Know instantly lays the foundation for Waiting For Waves to build upon. Infectious riffs, bone shattering drums and a pounding, incessant bass line perfectly combine with vocals very akin to Funeral For A Friend, effortlessly building as the track escalates to unleash a colossal chorus that won't fail to draw you deeper in. It's a formula that works for the band and one which they don't detract too much from; Hope In Mind wields a slightly anthemic striving quality amidst the angst filled riffs and lyrics whilst offering a touch more aggression from the four piece whilst Second Chances opts for a catchy hook to ensnare but it's the title track where the band shine. Waiting For Waves gives you no time to catch your breath as a volley of heavy hitting riffs heralds the tracks start, giving way only for a rush of adrenaline packed beats, irresistible vocals that even encompass rough growls all driving the track to an epic explosion that brings it to an end as abruptly as it started forcing you to hit the repeat button once more.

Depth aren't a flash in the pan band; these guys started out 6 years ago playing in their parent's garage and in those years they have honed their craft, something this latest EP is testament to. It would be a great loss to British rock if Depth remain under the radar, let's hope they aren't waiting too much longer to get the recognition they deserve.