Jimmy Eat World - Damage

It is hard to believe that Jimmy Eat World burst onto the music scene 20 years ago when they were still innocent young school boys. The Arizonian four piece have been a bit quiet for a few years, but now they make their welcome return with Damage.

Jimmy Eat World sound as fresh as ever on this album, showing the consistency in their sound over the last 20 years. The band have done a great job of side-stepping the theme of feeling sorry for themselves, and although frontman Jim Adkins has referred to this as "an adult break-up album", the record is upbeat, and even heart-warming at times.

Damage is full of great pop rock, some may call it emo, either way the whole album is incredible likeable and catchy. The loose and rough production makes the tracks seem very sincere and heartfelt.

The album is full of clever hooks and melodies that could happily fill the airwaves of radios stations across the world, but the fact that they haven't been over produced allows you to imagine just how great these songs would sound in a live setting.

Highlights of the album include the anthemic How'd You Have Me, the opener; Appreciation and the lead single; I Will Steal You Back. The album also features a boatful acoustic track; Lean.

Damage is the perfect album for any fan; Jimmy Eat World's sound is instantly recognisable. It is nice to hear a band that is making the music that they enjoy making rather than following the latest trend.