Masters Of Savagery

You may find it pretty amazing to hear that this is Soulfly's ninth album release. It is fair to comment that output from this band has been quite mixed, there have been the standard forgettable albums and there have been releases like the brilliant self titled debut. Savages though is one of those which I promise you will not quickly forget. The album is just relentlessly heavy, and just so consistently good. It is hard to avoid the fact that this album is being released so close to the new Sepultura record. Unintentional I'm sure, but comparisons will inevitably be made. If Savages proves anything it's that Max Cavalera is still the king.

Bloodshed smears your brain with scintillating riffs over a 7 minute powerhouse of a tune as Cannibal Holocaust makes you want to do laps of your nearest running track. Speaking of running tracks, Fallen has the potential to create circle pits the fucking size of one. This tune sounds like a Gojira track. Just some purely ridiculous guitar work, as thrash-like riffs collide with mental breakdowns. This feels like Soulfly on a whole new, exciting level and it's great to witness.

And it really doesn't stop there. As if things weren't already going pretty great, the absolutely brilliant Neil Fallon makes a guest appearance on the ludicrous and mental Ayatollah Of Rock 'N' Rolla. If this tune doesn't get crowds bouncing at live shows then there is something wrong. As the album progresses it's just one banger after another.

One key issue with the album may be the fact that some of the tracks are quite long, often out-staying their welcome. Especially since most of them don't really change all that much to earlier sections. You'd be forgiven for skipping a song as it enters it final sixth or seventh minute as you won't miss too much.

Overall then, a really really stellar release. Max Cavalera has now been in Soulfly longer than he was ever in Sepultura and with releases like this it will help remind people of this fact that this is his home now. Thrash, Groove, Doom, all boxes are ticked here. Savages is just that, Savage.