Ready To Dominate

Kill The Power is Skindred's fifth release and it is probably fair to say they haven't hit the heights they have fully deserved in this time. Undoubtedly one of the best live acts around at the moment, it would be impossible to translate on a studio record, but it has got damn close throughout their discography, and it is no different with this new album. It is quite frustrating to not see this band become 'bigger' if you will, yes they play mid-afternoon festival slots at the likes of Reading, etc. but they just haven't hit that big time yet. Kill The Power features the fury you'd expect from a Skindred album, but there are also moments on there which do translate as perhaps more radio friendly. Whether this was a conscious decision or not to tackle this is something only they could tell you, but be rest assured this is an absolute stormer of an album.

The two tunes you may have already heard off of the new album, through various means, whether live or the official videos, Kill The Power and Ninja , are just huge. They are probably both the two standout moments on the album so they were wise to use them at the forefront of their PR campaign for this album. Kill The Power for a start is a classic in the making, live this track will be huge, and the latter is just absolutely mental, Skindred at their best.

Other key moments, across the album are the savagely heavy World's On Fire and the far more mellow Dollars And Dimes. As the album draws to a close with More Fire the band are able to showcase another side to their talents with a great acoustic track. Production wise the album just sounds absolutely on point. The bass heavy grooves which drive this band so well are not lost at all.

As already mentioned it is difficult to quite understand why this band have not been able to make more of an impact on the mainstream music scene than they have. But on the evidence of Kill The Power and certainly on the evidence of their live shows they are primed and ready to absolutely dominate.