In Darkness We Trust

Deadly Circus Fire are a Heavy Prog outfit whose profile has got exponentially bigger recently in the build up to the release of The Hydra’s Tailor. The band have played it smart, not becoming overexposed by whoring themselves out to every venue possible, and keeping a low but interesting profile throughout recording. The build up to this particular release has successfully raised a good deal of hype as even from the trailers and snippets this sounded like a band who had made a step up. So with it now firmly in our hands, is this the case? Do Deadly Circus Fire have the potential to start making real strides in the heavy music scene? Well, to put it simply, yes.

Following on from the widely acclaimed The King And The Bishop Deadly Circus Fire have dropped some of the theatrics, with the focus now seemingly centric around the music. The album opens with the haunting and atmospheric In Darkness We Trust which immediately gives you the sense that you’re potentially about to embark on something pretty great before Animal explodes out with crushing Meshuggah levels of precision. The step up from the previous material is clear throughout, especially on some of the longer tracks like Rise Again which as a track perfectly encapsulates the talents of each member in the band. The vocals soar across intricate guitar work and chugging bass with a complicated drumming style driving everything forward. The same can be said for Victim which in particular sees Save Addario let loose on guitar in a big way. These guys have grabbed the Heavy Prog Metal sound by the balls and twisted it all into their own perverse direction.

You’ll be thrown all over the place from heavy levels of brutality to calming soundscapes - and the fact that you cannot really predict which way it will turn makes it all that more interesting. There are so many bands who take directly from their influences without a hint of even trying to mould their own path; this is not the case with Deadly Circus Fire. This album is impressive to the point where it could really see them explode into new realms of popularity. As we noted earlier the band have played this very smart indeed, they’ve built this album up through a series of trailers and snippets and frankly at the end of it all they have delivered. Truly an excellent album.