Rather this than TV anyday

We all have a secret passion for something. Mine, personally, has to be Reality TV. Say what you will, but I find once I start watching it's very difficult to tear myself away. On the other side of the coin I can see why people can easily hate them. Icelandic-born Gisli is one of these haters. Simply titled "TV = The Devil", it's very apparent how deep his beliefs in this subject may be rooted. Other than brandishing the line "competitions on television are driving me insane", Gisli's voice is of superb quality, managing to sound both dirty and polished at the same time. The backing provides a guitar-infused, techno sound with all the trimmings, and certainly with all the music quality of those golden rock anthems. With chilled out verses and a swinging chorus this song is definitely Gisli putting his best foot forward.