Layers of Excellence!

Since 1998, the growing metal beast that is known as Darkane has been getting bigger and bigger. Now that they have released, possibly their best album yet, things can only get better for them.

The opening track 'Amnesia of the Wildoerian Apocalypse' is stunning, and it's only an opener, but this is merely a build-up until all hell breaks loose when 'Secondary Effects' kicks in, which is a brutal offering of pure Death/Thrash metal which leads into a track of similar nature called 'Fading Dimensions'. But the tracks I just mentioned are nothing compared to the almighty title track, 'Layers of Lies'. This song is simply amazing, starting with an acoustic intro and whiney lead guitar, but then changing into a mid-tempo metal song which sounds like something Strapping Young Lad would perhaps come up with- simply stunning.

When you listen to this album you are sucked into a journey of metal where there is no turning back, but trust me, it is a fun ride. There are very little, if not, no filler tracks at all on this album and each song is incredibly enjoyable to listen to. This isn't one of those albums that you buy, listen once, then put it back in your collection never to be seen again. If you go out and buy this album, it will remain on your CD player for ages if you're the kind of person that knows their metal.

This is most certainly, Darkane's finest moment; the band must feel extremely proud to be the writers of such a magnificent album as this. Very rarely does a band make an album that is magnificent all the way through, with no fillers at all, but this is one of those albums.

The production on this album is reasonably good for a band of this type, but even if this album had been recorded in a tunnel, it would still be a magnificent offering. This album is definitely worth your money, if you are into Death or Thrash metal of any kind, you most certainly need to buy this album, for me, for you, and for the whole of metal itself, so why are you still reading this? Go out and buy the album now!