Show a little Gratitude.

The single comes from their debut album (released on the 20th June) preceding the UK tour starting the end of the month. What's it like? Like the clap, it's infectious. On the first listen I must say, I thought it was alright. On third listen I'm somewhat warming to it. It sounds very American, not surprising, that's where they're from. The definite highlight for me is the guitar of former Crumb bloke Mark Weinberg outstripping the slightly annoying vocals of Jonah Mantranga (ex Far and recently named one of the the 10 hottest vegetarians!).

'Drive Away' is itself a pretty miserable song all about running a girl over, hardly a laugh a minute. You can just block out the lyrics and listen to the fabbo hooks. 'Sadie' on the other hand; all I can remember is thinking 'Ooh, that's a bit Richard Thompson' and then nothing else. It's acoustic and well played, just not that memorable. If I heard it in a pub, I'd recognise it as something I've heard somewhere, but couldn't place it. It's not bad, but not wonderful either. Personally I'd like to hear the whole album, I've a feeling there's stuff lurking on it that I'd like better.