More 'Love' than trash can...

Perhaps not as popular an export as bacon, Danish duo The Ravonettes are set to become hot property this year with their mix of '50s pop and contemporary garage rock. After already running a sell out UK tour in March, and a well received and storming performance at this year's Coachella Festival in California, they return to British shores again for another headlining tour in preparation for their hugely anticipated forthcoming album 'Pretty In Black' - the follow up to 2003's brilliant 'Chain Gang Of Love'.

'Love in A Trashcan' is exactly what you would expect, and love of The Ravonettes, after they ditched their slightly fuzzy guitar sound from 'Chain Gang Of Love' and EP 'Whip It On'. It's pop/rock from the 1950s, of which I'm told they are greatly influenced through music and films of that time. The video is filled with imagery of this era - well dressed band members, podiums, black and white segments with pink outlines. It's guitar lead with sweet joint vocals and harmonies from Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo.

Of the song Sune says, "This is about girls hanging out with boys from bands. Guys in bands are trashy and no good. So if you're looking for love with one of these guys, it's not going to happen because he'll be gone the next day." Well, I think there's something there for all of us to take on board, folks.

Please don't be misled into thinking that this is dated pop drivel - no, this is far from it, in fact, it's a little like The Cardigans mixed with the raw edge of The White Stripes - raw guitars, sweet harmonies and catchy melodies. The production is so clean that if you rub your hand on the CD it would squeak every time.

Even with the fickle music buying public of Blighty, this has the potential to sneak into the Top 10. Good luck to them, it's about time this sort of music came back...