Something's Rotting in Denmark

With 'Am I Wry? No' and its countless tinkered re-releases Mew started a trend and originated a new sound that really quite rejuvenated the musical scene of the time, now however with Apocalypso all they can say for themselves is "we came up with a good title".

The song is a lugubrious trek through nearly five minutes of ill-planned musical arrangement, far from the ethereal beauty the band are very capable of producing, this comes across as a disorganised and uncatchy tune. There's brash guitaring mixed with sweet chime noises and synthesizers and it just doesn't meld well, the parts of the song sound all at odds with each other, there's potential there, but it's completely unrealised.

I'd avoid this if I were you and just sit tight, patiently listening to Mew's back-catalogue until they come back with the sort of music we all know they can make. "Something's rotting Denmark", as Shakespeare would say.