Useless ID serve up another batch of Falafel influenced pop punk

Useless ID are back with another tasty slice of pop punk, 'Redemption' is the third album on Kung Fu records by the Israeli quartet and possibly their most 'radio-friendly' album to date. Previous albums have had interest and interaction from Joey Cape of Lagwagon, Tony Sly of No Use for a Name, the Ataris and most importantly legendary producer/drummer Bill Stevenson.

Useless ID have been a band fighting it out in the Israel punk scene for almost 10 years and finally got the recognition they deserved in 2000 when they were given the chance to produce a split with the Ataris. This gave them the opportunity to later release full-lengths on Kung-Fu records. Their debut album on Kung Fu 'Bad Story, Happy Ending', caught the attention of pop-punks internationally; from the UK to the US and even Japan. Their 2003 follow up album 'No Vacation From the World' was one Kung Fu record's most anticipated releases but was a slight disappointment in it being more about an experimentation into pop, rather than retaining the sound that was so vital in 'Bad Story, Happy Ending'. Two years on, Useless ID are about to release their latest adventure into the world of music.

So with the dreadlocks cut off and a new drummer, it's questionable if Useless ID will ever return to that punk rock sound that inspired so many people to listen to them in the first place. Sadly, their album isn't a regression to their old sound but a positive development from their last album. Useless ID have ditched the punk rock roots and have drastically improved their harmonies and song writing.

Opening track 'It's Alright' is a fair representation of 'Redemption', extending the two guitarists' role further than playing 4 chords for the whole song. The best thing about Useless ID and their music is that it's never the same. Each song has its own distinct structure and their songs are never boring. Admittedly their 'newer' sound is sickly and sometimes Yotam's vocals are hard to swallow and can get a little whiney. The music Useless ID play is certainly aimed more at the ladies then the male punk rockers, most of the lyrics Yotam write are about girls and relationships. 'Suffer for the Fame' and 'State of Fear' are at a slightly faster pace than the others and for me are the best tracks on the album.

'Redemption' is the midway mark between 'No Vacation From this World' and 'Bad Story, Happy Ending', an improvement from their last album but it doesn't beat their Kung-Fu debut. This album is certainly a 'must-get' for fans of the Ataris and Allister but anybody who likes their music rough-cut- I must warn you to keep away from these guys.