longview - further

Some bands have an accusing finger pointed in their direction with the claim that many of their songs sound the same, Longview have added a new twist to this by simply releasing the same song, lots of times…or so it seems.

So let's assume for a moment you've never heard this track before, as neither of it's previous releases set the charts on fire. It's a melodic, dreamy piece of Indy pop with an acoustic body decorated with melancholy vocals in the verses, that give way to a catchy chorus made up of soothing harmonies. It fits into the same bracket as the likes of Travis, Snow Patrol, Coldplay and so on. You may have seen them supporting Embrace and or Doves if that's your bag.

It is certainly as radio friendly as all those I've just listed and hopefully this time round they'll hit the jackpot. If 'Further' becomes a big hit record this August, those who are responsible for helping it along the way should answer the question, so what was wrong with it the last two times?

My only concern is that this track has been around for so long, from the point of view of the impartial observer, it would be nice to see another track of the same stature, as to many they're in danger of being known for one song only.