Acoustic Sweetness

Created for a new acoustic version of her seminal album, 'Jagged Little Pill' to make its 10th anniversary, this remake of Alanis Morissette's classic track, 'Hand In My Pocket' provides a welcome return from the Canadian songstress.

It could be seen as a harsh marketing stunt; re-releasing one of your best tracks to get yourself out there and sell your new album, but the subtle changes to the tune, the little chord alterations and delicate twinkling bells show that real care has gone in to creating the perfect acoustic version of 'Hand In My Pocket'. A cute, mellow harmonica solo even appears at the end of the download single version.

It has a more pensive tone that previous versions, with its breezy gusto turned down into a thoughtful, slightly sultry offering. Alanis may have matured in years, but this tune still captures the essence of confused and slightly awkward youth through its jaunty tune and minutely bitter oxymoronic lyrics. After all, who hasn't caught themselves humming this tune at some point?

The only down side is that the acoustic version loses a little of the feistiness of the original through its slower pace, but it does allow the listener to pick up more on the quirky little details and revel in Morissette's voice.