Hard-Fi living for the weekend

At first listen this is one of the weaker tracks on what is amongst the best albums of the year, but ‘Living for the Weekend’ is a real grower. The infectious under current of an electronic bassline, coupled with a catchy guitar rift makes this well suited to following up the top ten smash ‘Hard to Beat’. In sound it is very much like the sort of stuff that New Order are bringing out at the moment, in a nutshell rock you can dance to. The party music feel matches the subject matter of the lyrics. It sums up the weekly nine to five grind with the build up to a Friday night out, in Hard-fi’s case to Cheekees nightclub in their hometown of Staines.

Although this is a perfectly fine single, the disappointing thing is that there’s so many great options for singles on ‘Stars of CCTV’, that I can’t help but think that others may have been better choices, the title track and ‘Better do Better’ would both be classics if they had the chance. Ultimately though this band have the art of crafting great pop songs well and truly in the bag and they are richly deserving of their nomination for album of the year in the Mercury Music Prize.