New Order Waiting For The Sirens' Call

When I was a teenager, my brother possessed the twelve inch remix of 'How does it feel'. He played it incessantly and it drove me up the wall. I couldn't listen to remotely related Joy Division or New Order for years without wanting to kill someone.

I'm now happily over that phase of my life.

'Waiting For The Sirens' Call' follows on nicely from the last single 'Krafty', collaboration with Gwen Stefani and all the other friendly stuff they've been doing. Like the aforementioned single, it's a poppy little offering and lighter than a lot of fans will like. Some people will hate it and will think the band have lost it. Maybe they have at that. It's a song that ultimately has no impact on the senses. It's nicely nostalgic if you're a fan of eighties music.

Maybe it's missing the synths. Maybe it's because they're becoming cynical old men, 50 is old isn't it?